Protective Clothing
for Fire Fighters - Level 2

Brave the heat, not the discomfort

Tarasafe's Fire Pro Garments redefines firefighter protection with unparalleled comfort and agility. Engineered for uncompromising safety, these garments stand between you and danger.

Suggested Norms

EN 469:2020

Protective Clothing for Firefighters


Protective Clothing for Fire Resistant Fighters

Protective Clothing for Fire Fighters - Level 2

  • Designed to withstand high temperatures and intense fire conditions
  • Uncompromising strength against flames, abrasion, and tears
  • Advanced moisture management keeps you cool & combat-ready
  • Ergonomic design for unrestricted movement & peak performance
  • Integrated features like lamp holder & radio pocket enhance efficiency
  • Multi-layered protection against heat, flames, liquids, & microscopic threats
  • Lightweight & comfortable, available in various sizes & configurations
  • Reflective strips for ultimate visibility in the smoke and heat
Customisation available on request
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