Product Liability

  • Read the User Information Sheet (UIS) and product label carefully before use of the product.
  • All of the instructions contained in the labels and UIS are intended to warn the user on the potential risks of serious injury and death and to reduce such risks.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to familiarize himself / herself with the UIS and label before use of the garment.
  • The garment is intended to provide protection limited to an extent of the performance levels mentioned on the label.
  • Any use of garment other than the mentioned performance levels might cause serious damage to the wearer.
  • The garment alone will not protect from all hazards at workplace.
  • Additional PPE may be necessary to provide complete protection that includes, but is not limited to head protection, eye / face protection, hand protection, foot protection, respirators, hearing protection, fall protection, high visibility apparel, and other protective garments.
  • Buyer / Employer at work place must conduct a hazard and risk assessment to determine the suitability of the garment for its intended use.
  • Tarasafe will not be responsible for the inappropriate use of the garment.
  • The garment will not protect the wearer if not properly maintained, as per instructions mentioned in the care label and the UIS.
  • The wearer must be trained by the employer in recognizing hazards in their specific trade / workplace and understand the limitations of use for the garment prior to wearing it.
  • It is the responsibility of the user group to establish their own guidelines and standards for assessing and determining the useful life of the apparel and equipment.
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