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Maitri Program:
Fostering Loving-Kindness in Society

At Tarasafe, we recognize the evolving role of corporations in fostering community growth. Our CSR initiatives are unified under the banner of “Maitri”, echoing the spirit of Loving - Kindness. We aim to contribute to key areas that define the well-being of our society: child care and health, old age care and health, and education. In an era where societal expectations call for corporate participation in community well-being, our commitment revolves around sustainability and building trust.


Child Care & Health

Our team passionately embrace the well-being of the little ones. Through vibrant partnerships with local institutions, we ensure every child receives the love and support needed for a robust start in life. We believe in sowing seeds of health and happiness, cultivating a brighter tomorrow.

Old Age Care & Health

We always extend a caring hand to our revered elders. Collaborating with dedicated organizations, we bring warmth and support to the golden years, fostering a community where the elderly thrive. We are committed to turning the pages of their stories with companionship, dignity, and a celebration of wisdom.


For us education takes centre stage. Tarasafe's Education initiatives unlock doors to boundless possibilities, partnering with schools and educational hubs. We believe in the transformative power of education, and we're scripting a narrative where every mind becomes a torchbearer of change and progress.

Impact Stories

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